Man praying to Matsoni

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“people try to get something through something by a world torn apart from people trying to get something.” said by the head pope

Antillism bible 

The bible

The bible of Antillism has many rules and this page is to state all of them

The story of matsoni is a intercut one.

 Matsoni was the last mammal left on  earth and a dinosaur was chasing him ,it almost caught up ,then ants started attacking the dinosaurs and there the last mammal left on earth which would lead to humans was saved.



The Pillars of ANtillism


  • Bravery, Matsoni respects those that fight for goodness without a second thought.
  • Self Control, Matsoni knows that those who have control themselves can control themselves for goodness.
  • Humble, Those who do not ask for much ,even if they do not give they still are blessed.
  • Justice, Those who stand for  the weak ,even if time’s are though may undoubtlly be blessed.
  • Generosity, Those who give are ones who deserve.

1: You are allowed to have any other religion while having this religion unless your other religion doesn’t allow it of course. 

2:There are 2 popes me and my dad I am the pope of ants and my dad is the pope of weasels. Officially we have the same power but my dad does not interact much with the religion.

3:You must not hurt or kill any animals or humans (suicide included)

4:You must respect animals and care for them if they ask for food give them food unless you don’t have any on you or you are very hungry.

5:Ants are the messengers of our god Matsoni, they saved him and spread his message.

6:All animals have feelings and don’t kill them.

7:Respect all humans 

8:Help the needy and less fortunate 

9:Be an Alturist

10: Stand up for the weaker

11: Control yourself

12: Those who do not ask for much ,get everything

13:This is not a cult