About Us

The religion of Antillism was founded when I was playing basketball and I had a great idea, to start a religion. As I was thinking about it ,I thought of all the people suffering and then I thought of Matsoni the first mammal. I thought of Matsoni as this weasel in this “shrine” in the museum in Washington D.C. So in order to promote peace and goodness Antillism was created.

About us

Laws of our religon 

You are allowed to have any other religion while having this religion unless your other religion doesn’t allow it of course. By the way this is not a cult.


Law 1

There are 2 popes me and my dad I am the pope of ants and my dad is the pope of weasels. Officially we have the same power but my dad does not interact much with the religion.


Law 2

You must not hurt or kill any animals or humans (suicide included)


Law 3

You must respect animals and care for them if they ask for food give them food unless you don’t have any.


Law 4


Go Beyond